Yoga, Meditation, Sound Baths & Retreats

TheYogiCloset Lifestyle Brand is dedicated to providing quality Ayurveda holistic wellness guidance and services including: Yoga, Meditation, Sound Baths & Retreats 

Lotus yoga pose

We host classes onsite/ offsite, offices, parks, and select venue locations. We cultivate a relaxed judgment free zone to practice. We want all tribe to feel welcoming universal energy, to focus on their best self empowering yoga practice. 

Our meditation practice promotes higher self awareness, self assurance, and love. We guide you with how to connect the physical body with chakra energies to enhance your spiritual well-being.

 We developed corporate classes with breathing techniques and asana flow, to help employees/staff members decrease stress levels. Releasing tensions in a healthy manner can increase critical thinking and efficiency. 

The senior restorative classes were created with joy energy and community engagement vibes. The yoga and breathing techniques are simple yet very engaging. Uplifting Fun for all levels! 

Sound baths are performed to engaged the frequencies of your chakra energies to help aligned, and bring inner harmony. Five minute sound baths are provided in conjunction with our meditation practice. 

Price of Services:

20 Minute Mindful Meditation with 5 minute Sound Bath $20

30 Minute Restorative Yoga Class with 5 minute Sound Bath $30

45 Minute Reconnect & Rejuvenate Asana Flow with 10 minute Sound Bath $40

30 Minute Chakra Sound Bath Session $45

60 Minute Chakra Sound Bath with Sensory Aromatherapy Session $90


Yoga Wellness Retreats are postponed pending outcome of the Corona pandemic. Once it is safe to travel we will update the website with further information. 

To schedule classes and services contact us at