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TheYogiCloset Chakra Balance Meditation Aromatherapy Candles are crafted to create healthy energy flow. The natural aromas are formulated according to Ayuverda Herbology to engage the chakras, and enhance your meditation experience.

Meditation helps the process of acknowledging and removing chakra blockages. Using Chakra Aromatherapy candles can cultivates a safe space for the energy flow with engagement of the sensory system. TheYogiCloset blends aromas that feel soothing, safe, and nourishing to your chakras. 

The Chakra Balance Meditation Aromatherapy Candles are handcrafted, balanced, and aligned to engage the energy centers of the body. Each candle is blended with Natural Essential Oils, Organic Herbal Blends, and 100% Soy Wax. The aromas are aromatically aligned with the Chakra energies; and can be burned alone or in union with others of the Chakra Balance Collection. 

TheYogiCloset Aromatherapy Collection is handcrafted to help you reduce negative energy from your mental space. And deliver positive aroma energy to your living space.