The Great Wine Down🍷🕯🍵

The Great Wine Down🍷🕯🍵 | TheYogiCloset

We in general live in a society that can lead to high pressure and high stress. Because of this the Great Wine Down becomes a much appreciated moment. Candles and wine combined must be in the “How To Relax 101 Guide to Life.” Being able to release the stresses of the day and mentally regroup is important to better overall health and wellbeing. Breathing deeply in a calm sensory soothing environment for 3-5 minutes; while clearing the mind can be therapeutic and supports healing.

Wine of course is not a life requirement...but it One glass of red wine tends to stay in good grace with general available health info to date. A healthier wine down option to consider is also herbal blended teas, which could also be consumed midday without risk of losing employment. The Win-Win for midday stress reduction...and employment. 

Whichever you decide Tea or Wine; the most important element to the Great Wine Down is too breathe deeply with the intent to relax. Toxic free natural soy wax candles and natural essential oils can enhance the air quality and environment. Essential oils are known for their therapeutic properties to assist calming various nerve and  anxiety conditions. 

Treat yourself to a daily 3-5 minute breather. Light a candle. Sip some tea or wine. Inhale deeply hold the breathe for just a moment at the top...and slowly release. As you release the breathe release tension and stress. 

Be well🧘🏾‍♀️🌎

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