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Candle Light Gazing Meditation is also known as Trataka Sadhana in Sankrit translates to "to look, or to gaze" and "a means of accomplishing something." Candle gazing meditation is done with your eyes open (middle tratak). It is a great practice to use to build up focus stamina while learning how to meditate. 

Chakras are energy centers that balance all realms of a human being. Aromatherapy helps reduce blockages that could interrupt energy flow between chakra bodies. Meditation helps cultivate good chakra energy flow which is an important aspect of a healthy well being. 

Candle Light Meditation is also a wonderful practice for those experienced with meditation. The flame provides a relaxing visual aid to visualize the thoughts that do not serve you, burn away. Clearing your mind of clutter as you gaze at the flame, allowing clarity for deeper meditation practice.

When meditating using TheYogiCloset Chaka Balance Aromatherapy Candles, consider selecting the colored candle associated with the chakra body you would like to focus on. For Example-> Red candle= 1st Chakra Muladhara assists with Grounding. The collection is designed to work together, or can be used alone. 

Chakra Sankrit      Body Zone          Color

#1 Muladhara       Base of Spine      Red

#2 Svadhisthana  Spleen                 Orange

#3 Manipura        Solar Plexus        Yellow

#4 Anahata          Heart Chest        Green

#5 Vishuddha      Throat                 Blue

#6 Ajna                Third Eye            Indigo Purple

#7 Sahasrara       Crown                White Light  

Quick Meditation Guide:

Place the candle on a level heat resistance surface. Comfortably seat yourself in a position eye level with the candle, about two feet away from you. You want to have a straight spine when seated, but also relaxed.

Find your breathe, control your breathing to a slow pace. Bring your gaze to the flicker of the flame.

Try not to blink while you gaze at the light. It’s normal for your eyes to water. As you build your eye stamina the watering will decrease. Relax the muscles of your face, release your jaw and become mindful of your thoughts. Bring your thoughts to attention and acknowledge them. Visualize the thoughts that do not serve to empower you burning in the flicker of the flame as you release it from your mind.

Inhale fully through your nose and expand your belly. Hold the breathe at the top for a moment, being appreciative of the nourishment of the breathe.

As you Slowly exhale and release the breathe through your slightly parted lips. Also mindfully release ant remaining over active thoughts, and mind clutter that does not serve to empower you.  

Inhale another deep breathe through your nose, curve your lips to a smile. Inhale positive thoughts of self love an care that nourish your mental space, and uplift your energy.

As you Slowly release the air flow embrace the smile upon your lips, internalize joy and good thoughts.

Repeat mindful breathing a minimum 3x's and enjoy a moment of mental peace and empowerment.


TheYogiCloset aromatherapy helps reduce negative energy from your mental space & deliver a positive aroma to your living space.

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