Wellness Must Have: Copper

Wellness Must Have: Copper | TheYogiCloset

Copper gets very little shine in the world of metal resources. Copper however is very important, and it’s an essential nutrient for the human body. Copper combined with iron in our bodies enable us to create red blood cells. Red blood cells bring oxygen to our tissues. It also benefits our cognitive skills, Ensures our thyroid gland functions, and reduces free radical damage in the body, levels of bad cholesterol.

If you care to explore the benefits of copper at a higher frequency; copper is known to stimulate the flow of energy and act as a conductor, boosting energies. Copper is considered to have electromagnetic energy which is called Prana Shakti. Copper helps ground and opens the root and sacral/svadisthana chakras. 

 We need Copper, however our bodies don’t synthesize it. I’ll save you the google...it means our bodies don’t make it, and we also cannot store a lot of it; so we need to make sure we eat cell foods etc to get it. But of course as they say “ do your own research”.

Here are some signs to look for if considering if you have enough copper in your life:...this is not medical advice, just a heads up for you to pay attention when your body is talking to you.

joint pain

low energy levels

inability to focus


Here are a few cells foods to consider including in your diet that can help copper correct deficiency.


seeds/cashew nuts/ chia seeds




leafy greens- turnip greens, collard greens, spinach, kale. It doesn’t require a large amount 1-2 daily servings is good. Of course all things must be done in moderation... to over consume Copper could also lead to health issues. Be mindful of what you need as an individual. 

Another option to consider is, storing water in a Copper container overnight 8-16hours. Water stored this way is called Tamra Jal, in Ayuverda health this helps balance the 3 dosha; Kapha, Vata, and Pitta.

In addition copper is antimicrobial, this purfifies the water and can reduce any microbe 🦠 floating in the water...and the water is alkaline! What is NOT to love about this.lol. 

To get the best benefits of this positively charged water it’s suggested to drink 1 cup at room temperature first of the morning prior to eating etc.

Ayuverda Copper Tea Kettle Water Bottle Alkaline

 I also enjoy brewing herbal tea with it. The Moroccan Mint Lavendar Rose herbal blend is LIFE. I look forward to sharing more about that delicious tea with you very soon. 


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