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Our Vibe

Welcome to TheYogiCloset, we appreciate your presence and hope to share good energy with you. Just a little info about us and the vibe of the tribe.

TheYogiCloset®️Lifestyle Brand purpose is to encompass and share: Yoga, Wellness, Empowerment and Travel

 TheYogiCloset is grounded with Ayuverda sciences knowledge and holistic healing using Hatha Yoga and Raja Meditation Wellness.

We value and place positive intent to help the global community by promoting the benefits of self love and care with yoga practice & meditation guidance. We believe in the power of good prana (energy flow) and the benefits of having balanced and aligned chakras. Due to this belief we handcraft, balance, and align natural aromatherapy candles to assist with Chakra sensory. Cultivating a space with healthy energy flow, and promotes anxiety reduction.

TheYogiCloset supports Empowerment of the body and spirit with herbology holistic tea blends, and dosha balancing “cell food” herbs.

Our peace and passion is to expand horizons and enhance life experiences with sharing Travel and culture appreciation.

Our purpose is to share healing prana, good vibes, and positive energy with Yoga, Wellness, Empowerment, and Travel.

We appreciate your presence and welcome you to the tribe.

Love Light and Gratitude follow the blog


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